Via Provinciale 15

10010 Colleretto Giacosa (TO)

Telefono: 3402864834


Giacomo Mabritto

Personal Information

·         Civil status: Married

·         Nationality: Italian

·         Date of birth: 14th October 1979

·         Place of birth: Ivrea

·         Address: Via Provinciale 15, Colleretto Giacosa (TO)

Education and Training

·         1993-1998                      Liceo Scientifico “A.Gramsci”, Ivrea (TO)

·         1998-2004                      Politecnico di Torino, Torino

                                      Master of science in electronic engineering

·         2003-2004                      Thesis:

                       Architetture per codificatori video a bassa complessitą”

·         September 2004            Graduate with grate 97/110

·         November 2005             Course of Skill at Accent, Milano.

·         November 2006             Course of Red Hat Essentials (RH033)

·         November 2007             Course of Red Hat  Enterprise Linux System                                           Administration (RH133).

·         16th November 2007     Red Hat Certified Technician

·         23th – 27th June  2008    Course of “ASP.NET” hold by Elea.

·         September 2008            Course of “Linux Embedded” hold by                                           Prof. Massimo Violante, Polytechnic of Turin

Professional Skills and Expertise

·         Microelectronics:  architecture of integrated circuit.

·         Analysis and test of digital circuits.

·         Hardware description language: VHDL, Verilog, SistemC

·         Programs and tools for planning, design and analysis of electronic circuits : Virtuoso Platform, Spice, Analog Artist, Skill.

·         Development of firmware for Atmel microcontrollers.

·         Use and programming of  FPGA (Altera, Actel, Xilinx).

·         Programming languages : Assembler, C, C++, Visual Basic, basic knowledge of PHP, SQL and related development environments.

·         Operating system: Windows , Linux (RH133), UNIX.

Work Experience

·         Since 1st  of December 2004 to 29th  of April 2005

                      Olivetti I-Jet          Arnad (AO)

                      R&D – Electronic Design

                      Fixed-term contract.

·         Since 1st of May 2005        

                      Olivetti –Jet          Arnad (AO)

                      R&D – Electronic Design

                      Open-ended contract

Main tasks:

Ų  Designing systems in the biomedical field with the development of electronic equipment for the deposition of biological material, their management and analysis via software algorithms for processing data.

Ų  Electronic design, development of firmware and software for online systems testing.

Ų  Development of software for the automation of production processes.

Ų  Electronic schematic and PCB design.

Ų  Planning and design of photolithographic masks for the silicon foundry using Cadence software.


English (PET)

Additional Information

Willing for work travel and possible transfers in Italy and abroad.


Ing. Enrico Manini  (tel. 335 7275342)


Sport, sky, travel, motorcycle.



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